Cornell Rocketry Team

Our Rockets

Space Jam

Space Jam is CRT's launch vehicle that will compete in the NASA Student Launch Competition for 2015-2016. It has a total length of 74.5 inches, diameter of 3.98 inches, and features full fiberglass airframe and fins. It utilizes a Cesaroni K740 motor and achieves a liftoff thrust of 191.1 lbs and a rail exit velocity of 70.1 ft/s. On board, it houses the Payload Enclosure Mechanism (PEM) for securing the payload through flight, and holds an avionics bay packed with a multitude of tracking electronics and radios for sending telemetry back to the ground station. On Space Jam's most recent flight, it reached an altitude of 5,277 feet, just 3 feet shy of the target apogee of 1 mile! We look forward to seeing it perform at competition!

Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub is the subscale rocket built to prove the launch worthiness of CRT’s 2016 NASA Student Launch Competition full-scale rocket. Its successful launch and recovery at Penn Yan, NY by the airframe subteam has given CRT the green light to proceed with our full-scale build.


Chewbacca was designed and built for the 2015 NASA Student Launch competition. It successfully competed last year, achieved all milestones, and achieved an impressive 4th place overall.

Pimp My Rocket

Pimp My Rocket was built as a joint effort by Brian Johnson and Connor Dempsey. The rocket features a fiberglass body, carbon fiber fins, and a custom external paint job. It is 48 inches long with a 3 inch diameter and has an empty weight of 4.8 lbs. The rocket was successfully launched on October 24th, 2014 at Penn Yan, NY to obtain Level 1 certification for new CRT members.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul is the first large rocket that we have built. It is 6.1″ in diameter and 138 inches long. This was the rocket that we had been working on at the beginning of the year and we were finally able to complete it in September. The airframe tubing is made of reinforced phenolic tubing. We used 4 layers of carbon fiber and one layer of fiberglass to reinforce the tubing. This made the rocket quite heavy. The fins were made of reinforced G10 fins. They were attached through the booster tube and held in place with JB Weld fillets. Jayant Mukhopadhaya unsuccessfully launched Darth Maul at the Upstate Research Rocketry Group (URRG) Launch on October 19th 2013. The rocket experienced a CATO when the motor (a Cessaroni L2375 WT) blew up approximately 1000 feet above ground level.


Clifford is the first scratch built rocket that the team designed and successfully launched. It is a full Carbon Fiber rocket, 2.56 inches in diameter. We launched it on a G-165 Aerotech Motor. We used coupler tubing as a mandrel and covered it with mylar sheeting to allow for easier removal. We used 3 layers of Carbon Fiber tubing. The fins were made from G10 fiberglass reinforced with Carbon Fiber. They were attached using fillets made of JB Weld. Matthew Skeels successfully launched Clifford at the Upstate Research Rocketry Group (URRG) Launch.


Ezra was CRT's competition rocket for the 2017 NASA Student Launch. It has a total length of 109 inches and a diameter of 5.15 inches. It utilizes an AeroTech L1300R-P motor and achieves a liftoff thrust of 297 lbs. Ezra houses a Controlled Landing Mechanism (CLM), which lands upright after launch, a Roll Control System (RCS) to manage the roll of the rocket, and a Target Detectiong System (TDS) to capture targets on the ground during flight. With Ezra, we were able to place 3rd in this year's competition and taking home the Safety as well as Documentation award.